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unimax Magnesium Cartridges Pack 15 (comp. with BRITA * Maxtra)

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Suitable for PearlCo® unimax & BRITA® Maxtra * (not compatible with BRITA Classic *)

PearlCo AquaMag unimax Pack 15

PearlCo AquaMag unimax water filter cartridges combine two functions in a filter cartridge: Like the proven PearlCo unimax cartridge, the AquaMag cartridge also removes harmful and sometimes even harmful foreign substances from your tap water, including lime, chlorine, copper and lead.

In addition, AquaMag cartridges release magnesium into the filtered water - an important contribution to your health. 2 liters of drinking water filtered with an AquaMag cartridge provide your body with 20% of the magnesium needed daily.

Like the regular PearlCo unimax filter cartridges, the AquaMag cartridge also produces aromatic, tasty water, which is often far better for preparing food and drinks than unfiltered tap water.

Unlike the regular cartridge, however, the AquaMag cartridge is only conditionally suitable for the preparation of hot drinks, as the magnesium added to the water may partially escape from the water during cooking and may produce disturbing deposits after some time. These deposits are completely harmless to health. However, if they are not removed, they can permanently damage your electrical appliances.

The filter cartridges PearlCo AquaMag unimax use the same, efficient filter technology as the classic, round filter cartridge PearlCo AquaMag classic. Thanks to their slightly larger design, the unimax cartridge offers a higher capacity of at least 150 liters of tap water. In areas with low water hardness, every unimax cartridge even filters up to 200 liters of water

unimax water filter cartridges also fit with many other water filters, such as Aldi® filter cans and Brita® * water filters for the Maxtra® * system

With the fifteen cartridges of the PearlCo unimax Pack 15 you filter - depending on water hardness - between 2.250 to 3.000 liters of drinking water!

The PearlCo filter cartridge AquaMag unimax at a glance

·         Filter cartridge for the treatment of drinking water by activated carbon and ion exchanger

·         Compatible with PearlCo Astra, PearlCo Family water filters and most water filters that are compatible with Brita® Maxtra® and similar cartridges

·         2 liters of filtered water provide about 20% of the daily required by the body magnesium

·         best for cool (not cooked) drinks

·         Capacity approx. 150 liters of water, with low water hardness up to 200 liters

·         eliminates heavy metals such as copper and lead as well as taste-disturbing substances such as chlorine

·         reduces the carbonate hardness (the lime content) of the water

·         ensures a fine aroma and pure taste

·         best results e.g. with tea and coffee

·         tested by the European Institute for Mother and Child

·         Steam sterilized and sterile packed

·         All plastics used are BPA free

* BRITA is a registered international registered trademark of Brita GmbH, Germany and a registered US trademark of Brita LP, USA. MAXTRA is an internationally registered brand of Brita GmbH, Germany. The manufacturer of the product has no trading relationship with Brita GmbH and Brita LP.


Contents:15,00 Pieces

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