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  • Filtered water with extra magnesium
  • Decalcifies, filters heavy metals and unwanted substances
  • Contains activated carbon and food-grade ion exchanger
  • Filters up to 200 litres per cartridge

  • For this product you will receive 18.9 PearlCo-Points


    Avoidance of plastic waste
    Abandonment of plastic bottles
    Pure taste
    Pure taste
    Food and drinks develop their full aroma
    Classic Magnesium Filterkartuschen Pack 3

    Unimax AquaMag filtercartridge

    PearlCo AquaMag unimax water filter cartridges combine two functions in one filter cartridge: Just like the proven PearlCo unimax cartridge, the AquaMag cartridge removes foreign substances from your tap water, including limescale, chlorine, copper and lead, which can impair the taste and sometimes even be harmful. AquaMag cartridges also release magnesium into the filtered water - an important contribution to your health. 2 litres of drinking water filtered with one AquaMag cartridge already provide your body with 20% of the magnesium it needs daily.

    Just like the regular PearlCo unimax filter cartridges, the AquaMag cartridge also produces aromatic, tasty water, which is often much better suited for preparing food and drinks than unfiltered tap water.

    for very hard water
    extra magnesium
    increases the pH value
    PearlCo classic StandardPearlCo classic Protect+PearlCo classic MagnesiumPearlCo unimax Alkaline
    The proven
    Standard against lime
    The new standard
    for strong limescale protection
    Filtered water with
    extra magnesium
    Perfect for an
    alkaline diet
    moremoreselectedcoming soon
    Capacity (depends on water hardness)up to 200 litresup to 200 litresup to 200 litresup to 200 litres
    ApplicationFor cooking, hot and cold drinksFor cooking, hot and cold drinksCold drinks or simply pureSimply pure, alkaline diet
    Reduces lime++++++-
    Reduces organic substances
    Removes chlorine
    Against lead and other heavy metals
    For sparkling water makers-
    Fits toPearlCo unimax, BRITA Maxtra
    (and compatible systems)
    PearlCo unimax, BRITA Maxtra
    (and compatible systems)
    PearlCo unimax, BRITA Maxtra
    (and compatible systems)
    PearlCo unimax, BRITA Maxtra
    (and compatible systems)
    At a glanceUniversal, low-cost filter cartridgeEffective decalcification even in areas with very hard waterFor best taste and a plus of magnesiumRaises the pH value of the water, for a healthy diet

    Contents:3,00 Pieces

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