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PearlCo unimax & classic magnesium filter cartridges

The AquaMag cartridges: Filtered water with magnesiumm

The AquaMag - Magnesium filter cartridges from PearlCo convince thanks to their high filter performance and the always pure taste and fine aroma of your drinking water. But the special feature of this cartridge is that you will have magnesium-rich water after filtering. Because with an AquaMag filter cartridge you not only filter like many foreign substances such as chlorine, copper and lead, but also enrich the filtered drinking water with a good portion of the important mineral.

Magnesium - water for everyday life

With only 2 litres of drinking water filtered through an AquaMag cartridge, they absorb up to 20% of your daily magnesium requirement. Thanks to the multi-stage filtration, many undesirable substances are also filtered out of the tap water.

What is magnesium good for?

Magnesium is good and necessary for many things in the body. During stress, sport and pregnancy, an increased intake of minerals, such as magnesium, is often important. Most people are probably familiar with a magnesium deficiency from muscle cramps or twitching. But fatigue and irritability can also be expressed as consequences. So always drink enough water containing magnesium and follow a balanced diet. In this way the body's balance can be balanced and the magnesium in the body can perform its important services.

PearlCo AquaMag water filter cartridges are available in different pack sizes. With one pack of 3 AquaMag classic cartridges you can cover your filter cartridge requirements for 300-450 litres of drinking water, with the unimax version even up to 600 litres, or even 90 days each!

Depending on how much water you would like to treat daily, it is worthwhile to choose a "half or full year package". With the AquaMag filter cartridges Pack 12 unimax, for example, you have a whole year's peace of mind before making a new purchase and can enjoy your tap water filtered as required in a relaxed, cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner. Try it out now and order your own supply of filter cartridges today!