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Unimax filter cartridges from PearlCo

Discover tea and coffee in a new way: With Unimax filter cartridges from PearlCo you filter foreign substances such as chlorine, copper, lead, organic impurities and lime from your tap water and get to know the pure taste of your favourite drink. With hygienic filter technology, the lime content of the water in the water filter is significantly reduced, while pollutants and heavy metals are filtered out. This way you get pure and tasty water.

Hot beverages such as tea and coffee in particular benefit from water filtered by Unimax filter cartridges. The reduction of limescale is clearly noticeable here. Not only coffee makers or kettles are spared limescale, but the quality of the beverages is also significantly improved. Tea and coffee not only become clearer, but also score points due to a better taste.

Unimax filter cartridges: Which product variants are available?

Thanks to innovative product variants the filter cartridges can not only be used in PearlCo systems, but also in numerous water filters, such as BRITA®** Maxtra systems (for example Brita Marella, Aluna, Elemaris, Fjord, Navelia, Optimax).

Unimax filter cartridges from PearlCo use a efficient filter technology and offer a filter capacity of at least 150 litres. If you use the cartridges in an area with soft water, you can easily filter up to 200 liters of water. So that you can always use the right Unimax filter cartridge, you can obtain one from PearlCo:

Unimax Filterkartusche Universal
Unimax filter cartrige Universal
for multifunctional use
Unimax Filterkartusche Protect+
Unimax filter cartrige Protect+
for very hard water
Unimax Filterkartusche AquaMag mit extra Magnesium
Unimax filter cartrige AquaMag
with extra magnesium
Filterkartusche Alkaline
Unimax filter cartrige Alkaline
for a basic diet (comming soon)

While the Universal filter cartridge from PearlCo is the proven standard against limescale, the Protect+ cartridge filters particularly hard water. The lime particles are efficiently filtered out, so the water can be used in coffee machines, water boilers or other machines without any problems. The activated carbon also contained in the Unimax filter cartridge also removes chlorine, lead and organic impurities. Protect+ cartridges are available for PearlCo Classic and unimax systems.

Unimax filter cartridges for conscious nutrition

As the basic building block of our life, water is vital for us. PearlCo AquaMag cartridges are mixed with magnesium and are especially suitable for athletes, elderly people and women in pregnancy. As the water passes through the water filter, additional magnesium enters the drinking water. So you can cover about 20% of the average daily magnesium requirement with two litres of water alone.

PearlCo Unimax filter cartridges Alkaline, which will be available in our assortment shortly, support you with health-promoting and gentle forms of nutrition. The pH value of the water is raised and brings it into the alkaline (alkaline) range. As with the other product variants of the Unimax filter cartridges from PearlCo, the drinking water is cleaned of chlorine, heavy metals and organic foreign substances.

All Unimax filter cartridges are also available in the PearlCo Classic Form.

What advantages do Unimax filter cartridges offer?

  • Unimax filter cartridges are used for the treatment of drinking water with activated carbon and ion exchangers
  • Compatible with various water filters, such as BRITA®**-Maxtra
  • Capacity: About 150 litres of water, with low water hardness up to 200 litres
  • filtering of heavy metals and substances that impair taste
  • Reduces the lime content of the water and reduces lime deposits
  • Extends the life of coffee machines, kettles and other technical devices
  • Pure aromas and pure taste for coffee and tea
  • Steam sterilized and sterile packed
  • Used plastics free from BPA

**BRITA is a registered international trademark of Brita GmbH, Germany and a registered US trademark of Brita LP, USA. The manufacturer of the product has no commercial relationship with Brita GmbH and Brita LP.