Recycle your filter cartridges now

Dealing with our nature is close to our heart. Therefore we offer you the possibility to recycle your used filter cartridges. We know that all natural resources must be preserved. Therefore we ask you to return only larger quantities of filter cartridges to us. This way unnecessary transport routes can be avoided!

Only together can we reduce our CO2 footprint. So let us avoid waste & exhaust emissions and establish a way, to reuse as many original resources as possible. The path to sustainable processes is not always easy and often long. But with you we can do it. Tell everyone you know about our recycling program, only in this way can we make a really big contribution.

And this is how it works:

filterkartuschen sammeln
1. Collect filter cartridges
The more the better!
2. Return shipment of the filters
From 12 cartridges you will receive a return label
recyclebare Kartuschen
3. Cartridge Recycling
The raw materials are separated and recycled.

If you would like to return 12 or more filter cartridges to us then we take over the shipping costs! Just write us an e-mail or use our contact form and you will receive the return bill immediately by e-mail. Click here for the contact form.


If you have questions or suggestions and tips about our program, we are looking forward to your message and your feedback!