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Kooperationen mit PearlCo

PearlCo works closely with various cooperation partners. Each of these partners, just like us, stands for high-quality products and the greatest reliability. Thanks to the cooperation with our partners, we can offer our customers advantages that would otherwise not be possible.

We are pleased to be able to present you a short self-description of our partners in the following:


TeeGschwendner – Out of love for tea

TeeGschwendner Logo

The enjoyment of a good cup of tea was the focus of our work from the very beginning and has remained so until today.

The fascination of the variety of tastes of different tea varieties and preparation possibilities is unique compared to other beverages. Passing on this experience and letting other people share it was the original idea of the first tea shop.

Love and enthusiasm for the product are important parameters for success. Experiencing good tea with all your senses - with expert advice, this is a guarantee for unlimited tea enjoyment. Tea enjoyment is a matter of trust!

Discover the world of tea at TeeGschwendner - in a specialist shop or online www.teegschwendner.de


TeeFee-Drinks for children - thought by parents, made for children

TeeFee Logo

It all started when we wanted to develop drinks for our own children that would help them to drink enough every day: without sugar, but still tasty.

In the meantime, together with other parents, children and nutritional experts, we have created a great selection of delicious organic children's drinks that are completely sugar-free and can be drunk without hesitation from the start.

Good for the future of our children: Sustainability plays a central role for us. Because it is about nothing less than a future worth living for our children. The raw materials for our children's drinks therefore come from controlled organic cultivation.

This way to the TeeFee.