Glass waterfilter black incl. 12 Alkaline filtercartridges plus glass bottle
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  • Water filter system with high-quality glass jug
  • Electronic change display
  • Capacity 2 liters (filtered water 1 liter)
  • automatically closing filling opening
  • safe stand thanks to non-slip floor material
  • Robust glass bottle in protective neoprene cover
  • Absolutely tight for carbon dioxide and hot
  • Easy to clean because dishwasher safe
  • Especially temperature resistant
  • Farbe

    For this product you will receive 118.9 PearlCo-Points


    Avoidance of plastic waste
    Abandonment of plastic bottles
    Pure taste
    Pure taste
    Food and drinks develop their full aroma
    PearlCo Glas-Wasserfilter

    PearlCo glass waterfilter

    The tested PearlCo glass waterfilter is made of high quality borosilicate glass (ISO3585), which is characterized by its high thermal and chemical resistance. An LED integrated in the lid of the water filter indicates when you should change the filter cartridge. If the LED lights up blue, the filter cartridge is ready for use. If the LED lights up red, the cartridge should be replaced.

    The modern, clear design of the water filter fits harmoniously into any environment. Its ergonomic shape ensures comfortable, easy handling. The special, non-slip construction of the base plate guarantees a safe and stable stand.

    The glass drinking bottle

    With the PearlCo drinking bottle made of glass you get a light drinking bottle for on the way, which captivates with a clear design. It is the faithful companion in your everyday life, so that you always have water with you when you are on the road. But it does not always have to be tap water. If you want a little more taste and want to try something other than tea, we recommend Infused Water. You can refine the water with fruit or vegetables. The longer you leave the fruit in the water, the stronger the aroma. By releasing the aromas into the water, you enrich it with additional vitamins. This way you create a great refreshing drink in summer and support a healthy diet in winter.

    Classic Universal

    Classic Alkaline filtercartridge

    The PearlCo Alkaline water filter cartridge combines proven, effective filter technology with a gentle increase of the pH-value in the filtered water - a valuable plus for your health.

    Freshly filtered drinking water with a gently raised alkaline pH value makes it easier for your body to balance the acid balance, which is important for your well-being. The water produced by the PearlCo Alkaline water filter cartridge thus counteracts the over-acidification of your metabolism and creates an important prerequisite for a healthy organism.

    multifunctional application
    for very hard water
    extra magnesium
    increases the pH value
    PearlCo classic StandardPearlCo classic Protect+PearlCo classic MagnesiumPearlCo classic Alkaline
    Capacity (depends on water hardness)up to 150 litresup to 150 litresup to 150 litresup to 150 litres
    ApplicationFor cooking, hot and cold drinksFor cooking, hot and cold drinksCold drinks or simply pureSimply pure, alkaline diet
    Reduces lime++++++-
    Reduces organic substances
    Removes chlorine
    Against lead and other heavy metals
    For sparkling water makers-
    Fits toPearlCo classic, BRITA Classic
    (and compatible systems)
    PearlCo classic, BRITA Classic
    (and compatible systems)
    PearlCo classic, BRITA Classic
    (and compatible systems)
    PearlCo classic, BRITA Classic
    (and compatible systems)
    At a glanceUniversal, low-cost filter cartridgeEffective decalcification even in areas with very hard waterFor best taste and a plus of magnesiumRaises the pH value of the water, for a healthy diet

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