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Filter cartridges

Filtercartridges from PearlCo

PearlCo offers you a wide range of water filter cartridges for many different purposes.

If your primary concern is to remove limescale and other foreign matter from your drinking water, then the proven universal cartridges are probably the best choice. The reliable, long-lasting filter performance includes not only lime but also chlorine, copper, lead and many organic impurities.

The PearlCo universal cartridges are available in two designs: The classic cartridge fits numerous water filters that are compatible with round classic cartridges, for example BRITA®**-Classic. Cartridges of the PearlCo unimax system also fit water filters compatible with BRITA®** Maxtra (not Maxtra+).

For especially hard water we offer the Protect+ cartridge.Its special composition effectively reduces lime content even in places where there is only particularly hard tap water. The activated carbon also contained in the cartridge removes chlorine, lead and organic impurities. Protect+ cartridges are available for PearlCo Classic and unimax systems.

PearlCo AquaMag cartridges are especially suitable for athletes, older people and women during pregnancy. During the filtration process, additional magnesium is added to your drinking water. Two litres of water filtered in this way alone cover 20% of the average daily requirement. Foreign matter, including many heavy metals or organic impurities, are removed during the filtration process just as reliably as when using the PearlCo Universal cartridges. AquaMag is available for PearlCo Classic and PearlCo unimax.

For a conscious and gentle nutrition we recommend the PearlCo Alkaline cartridge. It gently raises the pH value of the filtered water to the alkaline range and thus supports a health-promoting alkaline diet. As with all other PearlCo cartridges, the drinking water is also purified from chlorine, heavy metals and many organic foreign substances.

**BRITA is a registered international trademark of Brita GmbH, Germany and a registered US trademark of Brita LP, USA. The manufacturer of the product has no commercial relationship with Brita GmbH and Brita LP.