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Drinking bottle

Drinking bottle with filter from PearlCo - Pure water at any time

Water is vital. You should drink at least two liters a day. Your body needs the water for the transport of nutrients and a regulated metabolism. With the drinking bottle with filter from PearlCo you are always supplied with clean water. Enjoy the healthy wet wherever you want. With the drinking bottle with filter from PearlCo you always have your water in best quality. While you drink from your bottle, the activated carbon filter cleans the water. Whether on the hike, during sports or as a water source on your desk: Your water bottle with filter is your reliable companion.

The reusable drinking bottle is robust and easy to store thanks to its compact shape. Bestellen Sie jetzt Your drinking bottle with filter from PearlCo.

Connoisseurs and health-conscious people filter water with the drinking bottle from PearlCo

Filtering water can support a healthy diet. Lime, chlorine and other organic impurities are removed by the filter insert in your drinking bottle. Take care of your clean and delicious drinking water yourself. Fill the bottle with tap water and rely on the drinking water filter. The activated carbon filter retains many possible pollutants. The activated carbon is a natural product and is made of 100% coconut shells. Thus, you will always receive a safe and digestible drink.

Filtered water is soft and guarantees a pure and pure taste experience.

In drinking bottles for children belongs clean and clear water

Drinking enough water is as necessary for children as it is for adults. In the growth phase, a healthy and low-pollutant diet is essential. The drinking bottle with filter from PearlCo provides your child with fresh, tasty water at all times. Thanks to the activated carbon filter, bacteria and impurities are removed. Whether in kindergarten, at school, during sports and leisure activities: With drinking bottles for children drinking water is for your offspring a daily healthy ritual.

The water bottles of PearlCo are made of resistant and robust material. This prevents accidental leakage of water. Therefore the water bottle of PearlCo is an ideal drinking bottle for children and teenagers.

Drinking bottle with filter from PearlCo now easily online

Integrate the pleasure of high-quality filtered water into your everyday life. Live healthy and enjoyable. Save yourself the purchase of expensive mineral water in bottled bottles. With a drinking water bottle with filter from PearlCo you can make your water free of pollutants and tasty . simple and inexpensive yourself. The bottle is made for everyday use. It is suitable as a sports drinking bottle as well as for a walk and as your personal healthy water dispenser in the office.

You can buy the bottle comfortably in our online store. A filter cartridge is included in the delivery. With the cartridge the cleaning of up to 150 liters of drinking water is possible. Order now and enjoy your water from the drinking bottle with filter from PearlCo.

You have questions about our Trinkflaschen mit Filter oder unseren Water-Filter-Systems? Our PearlCo team will be happy to advise you personally. Simply contact us by E-Mail or by telephone at 0221 9684620 and we will gladly help you.