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Astra 3,0 l

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The Astra water filter is reliable, durable and holds enough water for several people. For the water filter Astra you need cartridges of the unimax design. Since we know how individual tastes and needs are, we offer 3 different versions of the unimax filter cartridges. With the tried and tested universal cartridges, you can efficiently filter limescale and other harmful and suspended substances from your drinking water. For areas with particularly hard water, we recommend the Protect+ filter cartridges. However, if you prefer that little bit extra, then choose the AquaMag version. This enriches the water with magnesium and is perfect for cold drinks.

Order the Astra water filter as a package for a reasonable price

We offer the Astra water filter not only individually with a universal filter cartridge, but also as a package. Here you can choose not only between 4 package sizes, but also between 3 different smart filter cartridges!